All you need to know about LiFePo4 18650 battery - its benefit, composition and advantages

All you need to know about LiFePo4 18650 battery - its benefit, composition and advantages

The lithium LiFePO4 battery

Batteries are much more than mere gadgets but are the “life” of gadgets themselves. With advancements in technology and innovations, the importance of batteries and their roles in powering up these gadgets have only increased.

Many of these batteries are made of lithium and come in different shapes, capacities and costs like 18650 battery, 14500 battery, 21700 battery etc. And many people talk about the differences between 21700 battery vs 18650 and 18650 vs 14500 batteries. However, the LiFePO4 18650 battery has gained popularity and is considered the best. What makes the LiFePO4 18650 battery different or stands it out amongst others?

The lithium LiFePO4 battery

What is a LiFePO4 battery

LiFePO4 18650 batteries are batteries built from lithium iron phosphate. LiFePO4 18650 battery is indeed in a class of its own.  however, there are a couple of other batteries available, these include lithium manganese oxide, lithium cobalt oxide, lithium nickel cobalt aluminium, lithium nickel manganese cobalt oxide, and lithium titanate.

Although all of these names might sound pretty strange, but if you cast your mind back to your study of elementary chemistry and the elements discussed, you are likely to make more sense of the situation.

These batteries are a combination of these elements. As a matter of fact, that was precisely how the LiFePO4 18650 battery was created. The elements in the LiFePO4 18650 battery were combined to produce the battery in 1996 at the University of Texas. LiFePO4 18650 battery is the safest, best and most static lithium battery ever produced.

What makes the LiFePO4 18650 so special

Having established what the LiFePO4 18650 batteries are and how they are made, it is important to explain what makes them special and stand out among countless other lithium-based batteries.

After all, LiFePO4 18650 batteries are way better and more stable than other batteries like lead acid and nickel cadmium (NiCd). it is the best battery for equipment such as solar energy systems, golf carts, RVs, electric motorcycles, bass boats and several other similar appliances that use the same methods.

One of the major perks of using the theLiFePO4 18650 battery is that it has 4X the lifecycle of any other lithium battery, up to 4,000 cycles, compared to the ternary lithium ion battery‘s 500-1,500 cycles. Furthermore, it is also rated as the safest lithium battery on the market because of its stability and inertness. The battery can also spend as much as 3000 to 5000 lifecycles, which bolsters its life length when in use.

Unlike other lithium batteries, the LiFePO4 18650 battery has a 80% depth of discharge. This implies that you don’t have to be concerned about the discharge of your battery.

The LiFePO4 18650 battery lasts longer and can be used for many years. For instance, the 5000 cycles estimated counts for about 10 years which is a really long time to exhaust a battery life. Also, the average cost in time is long and worth it, compared to other batteries.

LiFePO4 18650 batteries are way better and more stable than other batteries like lead acid and nickel cadmium

Also, unlike other batteries, LiFePO4 18650 battery performs way better, this is because of its optimal energy density in volume and weight. It can give the appropriate power when requires and has an amazing recycling performance.

LiFePO4 18650 battery charges faster and quicker than other batteries, this makes it more handy and useful. With a LiFePO4 18650 battery, You will experience minimal maintenance and maximum efficiency of battery.

Important factors that make LiFePO4 18650 batteries better than other batteries

Several factors point to the viability, durability, and efficiency of the LiFePO4 18650 battery. Some of these are:

Safe and stable

lithium batteries are generally safer and more stable than others. However, the LiFePO4 18650 battery is the safest of all lithium batteries. The LiFePO4 18650 battery is considered the safest because of its lithium chemistry.

The LiFePO4 18650 battery has a lithium-ion phosphate that has better structural and thermal stability than other battery types of lead-acid. As a result, it can withstand high temperatures and is incombustible. It is also not likely to experience thermal runaways as it remains cool at room temperature. Therefore, if a LiFePO4 18650 battery is subjected to a harsh condition such as heating, high temperature or circuiting, its inertness will prevent it from explosions.

Safe environment

The LiFePO4 18650 battery is environmentally safe compared to batteries like lead-acid batteries. Asides from the fact that they are rechargeable, they are also nontoxic, recyclable and don’t leak. While lead acids have about 300 to 400 lifecycles, LiFePO4 18650 batteries boast a whopping 5000 lifecycles.

Great efficiency and performance

The LiFePO4 18650 batteries are fast and efficient as they are fully charged in 2 hours and have a low self-discharge rate of only 2% every month. It has also has a longer run time and consistently gives the same power even when it is lower than 50%, requiring little or no assistance.

Small and lightweight

If you’re looking to power a portable gadget, then the LiFePO4 18650 is perfect for you. These batteries are less than half the weight of lithium manganese batteries and less than 70% of the weight of lead-acid batteries.

lithium batteries are generally safer and more stable than others

LiFePO4 18650 compared to other forms of batteries

Lead Acid Batteries: Lead-acid batteries are more expensive to maintain and last up to 25% to 50% of LiFePO4 18650 batteries.
Gel Batteries: Although Gel batteries do not discharge quickly, they are charged up at a very slow pace.
AGM Batteries: You can’t afford to drain AGM batteries past 50%, as they can get damaged, while LiFePO4 18650 cannot be fully discharge.

Real life applications for LiFePO4 18650 batteries

The immense characteristics of LiFePO4 18650 batteries have made them applicable to many gadgets and appliances. Here are some of its applications to real-life gadgets:

Fishing boats

LiFePO4 18650 batteries provide boats with less charging time and a long use time. Its lightweight also aids in maneuvering the boats and helps in fishing competitions.

Mopeds and mobility

LiFePO4 18650 batteries’ lightweight also allows for speed, and its fast charging ability gets you on the move in no time.

Solar installation

Its lightweight also comes in handy in this case as it helps in its mounting to harness the sun’s power.

Commercial uses

Lithium batteries are considered the best batteries, and LiFePO4 18650 is the best of the stock. Hence it can be used for liftgates or machines. It can also be used to make radio equipment, electronic cigarettes, flashlights, emergency lighting, and several other things.

LiFePO4 18650 compared to other forms of batteries

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