Electric bicycle buying guide

Electric bicycle buying guide

As urban roads become more and more congested and complex, and restrictions on electric vehicle travel begin to increase, many people are turning their attention to electric-assisted bicycles, and people are increasingly interested in electric-assisted bicycles. Nowadays, battery swapping station is common and the battery swapping station business model is maturing, it can promote the development and application of electric bicycles.
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Types of electric bicycles introduction

First of all, you must determine the type of electric-assisted bicycle you need based on the riding scene you need. There are many types of electric-assisted bicycles, which are generally divided according to application scenarios. They are mainly divided into electric-assisted mountain bikes, electric-assisted road/city bikes, electric-assisted freight trucks, etc.Types of electric bicycles introduction
Each category has certain differences in purchasing ideas, but the overall direction is In the same way, this time I will take urban electric-assisted bicycles, which are applicable to a wider range of scenarios and are suitable for most people, as a starting point to provide you with some ideas for purchasing electric-assisted bicycles.

Advantages of electric bicycles

For people who have no previous riding experience, electric assist is a good way to experience riding. Once again, the essence of an electric assist bicycle is still a human-driven bicycle. With electric-assisted bicycles, you don’t have to worry about commuting too long and can’t ride. You can also stay away from crowded public transportation and increase your exercise.

For people with cycling experience, electric power assist can solve 90% of the inconveniences encountered in commuting by bicycle. For example, in some weather conditions that are not suitable for cycling, riding a bicycle through congested traffic during the rush hour in hot summer will be too much for anyone’s physical strength and mentality.Advantages of electric bicycles

Especially frequent stops and starts put too much pressure on the knees, making me sweat every day when I go to work. Another example is that the temperature is very low in winter. After high-intensity riding, the clothes inside are soaked and then blown by the wind, which is very uncomfortable. You won’t have such worries when riding an electric-assisted bicycle. You can choose an exercise intensity that suits you, which will exercise your body without being too intense.


Specific components of electric bicycles

Motor type
The motor is the core of an electric assist bicycle, so the first thing to consider must be the motor type. Common electric assist systems are divided into mid-mounted motors and hub motors according to the position of the motor.
Motor Power
The motor is the core, so we have to mention the power of the motor. The motor power of an electric-assisted bicycle is measured in watts, usually ranging from 250W to 750W. How much power an electric moped requires is determined by many factors such as the type of motor and the design orientation of the electric moped. However, higher power does not mean that the electric assist will be faster.
Battery capacity (life)
The largest proportion of the weight of an electric-assisted bicycle is undoubtedly the battery, which is also the key to the battery life of an electric-assisted bicycle. To use an inappropriate metaphor, battery capacity = battery life. It is inappropriate because it is also affected by the weight of the entire vehicle, motor output power, Driveline losses, etc.
Transmission and braking system
The essence of an electric-assisted bicycle is still a bicycle, which relies on human pedaling. The motor assistance is also adjusted and responded according to the pedaling intensity, so the transmission system is still very necessary. As for brakes, most reliable brands on the market are now equipped with disc brake systems.

What you need to know when choosing an electric bicycle

When choosing an electric bicycle (e-bike), several key factors need consideration to ensure it meets your needs and preferences:

Motor Power: While higher power can offer better performance, it doesn’t necessarily mean faster speed. A 250W motor is typically sufficient for most e-bikes, providing adequate assistance to the rider’s pedaling. However, the size and type of motor can influence power requirements.

Battery Capacity: Battery capacity affects the range of the e-bike. Common capacities range from 300Wh to 500Wh, offering a range of approximately 70-90 kilometers. Consider your daily commuting distance and frequency of use when choosing battery capacity.

Weight: Opt for a balance between performance and lightweight design, especially for commuter and urban e-bikes. A weight of less than 20kg is usually manageable for most adults and ensures easy control and lifting.What you need to know when choosing an electric bicycle

Waterproofing: Ensure the e-bike has adequate waterproofing, especially if you live in areas prone to rain or humidity. Pay attention to the waterproof rating of the motor, battery, and charging port.

Instrument Panel: Choose an e-bike with an instrument panel that meets your preferences and needs. Options range from high-definition color displays to simple screens displaying speed and battery level.

Accessories: Consider accessories such as front and rear lights, original shelves, etc. Original lights powered by the e-bike’s battery can be convenient, but aftermarket options are also available. Check if the frame has mounting holes for future accessory upgrades.

Budget: Set a budget that aligns with your preferences and requirements, considering factors like motor power, battery capacity, and additional features.

Test Ride: Whenever possible, test ride different e-bike models to assess comfort, handling, and overall performance before making a purchase decision.

By considering these factors, you can choose an electric bicycle that best suits your needs, preferences, and budget.

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