Best top 10 electric vehicle companies in North America

Best top 10 electric vehicle companies in North America in 2023

The popularity of electric vehicles (EVs) has increased significantly in recent years. Especially in the North American market, many well-known electric vehicle companies have emerged.
In this article, we will discuss the best top 10 electric vehicle companies in North America in 2023, including Tesla, BMW, BYD, Volkswagen Group, Hyundai Motor Company, Volvo Group, Mercedes-Benz, Ford, General Motors Company, Honda.
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Best top 10 electric vehicle companies in North America in 2023

Ranking Manufacturers
1 Tesla
4 Volkswagen Group
5 Hyundai Motor Company
6 Volvo Group
7 Mercedes-Benz
8 Ford
9 General Motors Company
10 Honda


Established date 2003
Global headquarters California, USA
Company website

Tesla leads the U.S. electric vehicle market. Tesla’s success can be attributed to its continued innovation and technological leadership.

Tesla has made a lot of innovations in electric vehicle technology, such as using cobalt-free cathode and pre-lithium anode electrode materials to improve battery performance and life.

In addition, Tesla is also committed to developing new technologies such as solid state battery and lithium battery + supercapacitor system integration. Tesla’s electric vehicles have the advantages of long cruising range, high performance and fast charging, meeting consumer demand for electric vehicles.

What’s more, Tesla has also actively expanded its charging network and provided convenient charging services, further promoting the popularity of electric vehicles and improving user experience.


BMW logo
Established date 1916
Global headquarters Munich, Germany
Company website

BMW companyThe BMW Group believes that electrification is an important form of efficient power and an important direction for the automotive industry to achieve sustainable development.

With the rapid popularity of electric vehicles and the gradual improvement of related infrastructure, the BMW Group has also adjusted its electrification strategy in a timely manner. Currently, the BMW Group is in the second phase of its electrification strategy, which is about electrifying its entire product lineup.

Currently, BMW has launched three electric vehicles, i4, i7 and iX, in the US market, of which iX is a luxury SUV. BMW sales reached 4,135 vehicles in the second quarter of 2023, an increase of 283%. The i4 and i7 are two high-performance sedans from BMW, with combined sales of 7,241 units.


Established date 1995
Global headquarters Shenzhen, China
Company website

byd compabyBYD provides a variety of products and solutions for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, rail transit, batteries and electronics. As one of the top 10 power battery companies in the world, BYD’s battery manufacturing is also very professional.

BYD has achieved independent manufacturing of the entire industry chain in the field of power batteries, including power battery raw materials, cells, modules and battery packs, all produced by BYD itself.

BYD has established more than 30 industrial parks around the world and produces electric vehicles in more than 70 countries and regions. At present, BYD has spread across more than 30 states in the United States and has captured 80% of the electric bus market in the United States.

Volkswagen Group

Volkswagen Group logo
Established date 1937
Global headquarters Berlin, Germany
Company website

Volkswagen Group companyVolkswagen is currently doing well in Europe and North America. In fact, Volkswagen is indeed one of the traditional car companies with the most active attitude toward electrification and intelligence.

In the North American market, Volkswagen has clarified its growth plans for the next stage. With the upcoming launch of PPE and MEB+ platforms in 2024 and 2025 respectively, as well as the SSP platform that will unify the Volkswagen Group’s electric vehicles in the future, Volkswagen has a deep technical reserve in electric platforms.

On the one hand, Volkswagen will launch a new pickup truck model and the hardcore SUV brand Scout in the United States to increase sales in the North American market.

On the other hand, Volkswagen will build a new battery super factory in Canada, laying the foundation for Volkswagen to obtain U.S. electric vehicle subsidies and seize the U.S. electric vehicle market share in the future.

Hyundai Motor Company

Hyundai Motor Company logo
Established date 1967
Global headquarters Seoul, South Korea
Company website

Hyundai Motor CompanyHyundai Motor Company is a South Korean multinational automobile manufacturer. Hyundai Motor Company manufactures compact and luxury cars, SUVs, minivans, trucks, buses and other commercial vehicles.

Due to the outstanding sales performance of electric vehicles in the United States, South Korea’s Hyundai Group is very optimistic about the U.S. electric vehicle track. The United States is also currently the largest market for modern electric vehicles.

Hyundai Group plans to increase local production of electric vehicles in the United States. Hyundai Group announced plans to increase investment in the research and development of pure electric vehicles and build an electric vehicle factory in Georgia, USA.

Volvo Group

Established date 1927
Global headquarters Gothenburg, Sweden
Company website

Volvo Group companyWith the rapid evolution of the global automobile industry, traditional automobile manufacturers have entered the door of the electrification era. Volvo, as a Swedish car brand with a long history, is also actively responding to this wave.

Volvo is the first among traditional luxury brands to electrify. In order to implement Volvo’s electrification strategy, Volvo announced a comprehensive electrification strategy in 2017.

By 2025, pure electric models will account for 50% of the products on sale; in 2030, it will become a pure electric luxury car company.


Mercedes-Benz logo
Established date 1926
Global headquarters Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Company website

Mercedes-BenzMercedes-Benz has a strong performance in the electric vehicle field in the United States in 2023, with sales of pure electric vehicles reaching 11,927 units, a year-on-year increase of 509%, accounting for 15.4% of total sales. That’s an all-time high for Mercedes-Benz in the U.S. and puts it ahead of BMW’s EV sales.

Mercedes-Benz currently has five fully electric vehicles on the U.S. market: EQB, EQE sedan, EQE SUV, EQS sedan and EQS SUV. Among them, the EQS SUV is a luxury SUV with sales reaching 3,077 units in the second quarter of 2023. It is also the most popular pure electric vehicle.

Mercedes-Benz will further accelerate sales in North America after announcing that it will join the Tesla Supercharging network in the United States.


ford logo
Established date 1903
Global headquarters Michigan, USA
Company website

ford companyFord Motor Company is an American multinational automobile manufacturer that designs, manufactures, markets and services a full line of Ford trucks, utility vehicles and automobiles. The company sells cars and commercial vehicles under the Ford brand and most luxury vehicles under the Lincoln brand.

Currently, Ford is working to increase production of electric vehicles. As the electric version of Ford’s classic model Mustang, it has achieved good sales in the North American market once it was launched.

According to statistics, Ford’s electric horse sales in the United States in 2022 were 39,500 units, second only to Tesla among domestic brands in the United States.

General Motors Company

General Motors Company logo
Established date 1908
Global headquarters Michigan, USA
Company website

General Motors CompanyGeneral Motors is one of the largest automakers in the world. The company designs, manufactures and sells trucks, crossovers, cars and auto parts worldwide.

General Motors has achieved a leading position in the U.S. automobile market. For General Motors, among the 2.2 million vehicles sold in the United States, large cars dominate and are currently the main models sold by General Motors. More than 1.1 million vehicles account for nearly 50% of its total annual sales.

GM expects to produce 400,000 electric vehicles in North America from 2022 to mid-2024 and increase annual production capacity in North America to 1 million vehicles in 2025.


Honda logo
Established date 1948
Global headquarters Tokyo, Japan
Company website

Honda companyHonda was established in 1948 and is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. It is a Japanese listed multinational company that provides automobiles, motorcycles and electric equipment.

Honda offers products in different segments such as automobiles, motorcycles, power products, Honda jets and aerospace engines.

The company has four operating systems: motorcycle business, automobile business, financial services business, life creation and other businesses. Honda Motor has delivered more than 6 million power products to customers in more than 150 countries and regions.

The above is the best top 10 electric vehicle companies in North America in 2023. With the maturity and development of battery solutions, there will be more and more electric vehicles in the future. Competition for electric vehicles in the North American market will also become increasingly fierce.
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