China top 10 lithium battery separator suppliers best list

China top 10 lithium battery separator suppliers best list

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The main materials of lithium batteries include cathode material, anode material, electrolyte and separator. At present, the lithium battery separator market is showing a rapid growth trend. This article sorts out the top 10 lithium battery separator suppliers in China, and conducts a brief analysis of the main lithium battery separator suppliers from various aspects. The ranking is in no particular order.

What is a lithium battery separator? And the performance of the lithium battery separator

The lithium battery separator is a porous film used to isolate the cathode and anode to prevent the short circuit caused by the cathode and anode reactions when the ionization reaction occurs, but it does not affect the passage of lithium ions through the film. Its performance and quality directly determine battery charging and discharging efficiency, cycle life, battery capacity and safety performance.

What is a lithium battery separator

Lithium battery separator performance

InsulationIsolate the cathode and anode to prevent battery short circuit
Chemical stabilityHigh corrosion resistance, improve the service life of the battery separator
Thermal stabilityReduces the risk of separator melting due to high temperature
Tensile StrengthPrevent separator deformation
PorosityLarger porosity can improve charge and discharge efficiency
ThicknessReducing the thickness can reduce the internal resistance, thereby improving the charge and discharge performance
Puncture strengthPrevent lithium branches and burrs from causing battery short circuit

Types and comparison of lithium battery separators

According to the process classification, there are two main types of separators: dry method and wet method. Dry-process separator mainly produces PP film. After decades of development, the process is relatively mature. It is specifically divided into uniaxial stretching and biaxial stretching. The wet method separator mainly produces PE film.

The separator is mainly used in the 3C field, mainly for top 10 3C consumer lithium battery manufacturers in the early stage of lithium-ion battery development. It has low requirements for energy density and battery capacity, and does not require high-current charging and discharging. Therefore, dry-process diaphragms are more suitable.

Dry separators vs wet separators

Dry separators vs wet separators differences comparison

IndicatorsDry separatorsWet separators
Main raw materialsPEPP
Tensile strength (kg/cm²)1500150
Puncture resistance (gf)600250
Thickness (μm)5μm – 30 μm12μm – 30μm
Thickness consistencyBetterPoor
Porosity consistencyBetterPoor
Thermal stabilityPoorBetter
Production ProcessHigher difficultyLow difficulty
Application fieldHigh-end power battery, 3C batteryMedium and low-end power battery, 3C battery, energy storage battery, etc.

Top 10 lithium battery separator suppliers in China best list

1Shanghai SEMCORP
3Sinoma Lithium Battery Separator
10HongTu Separator

Shanghai SEMCORP

Established dateApril 27, 2010
Company location Shanghai, China
Registered capital389.210834 million RMB

Shanghai SEMCORP company overview

Shanghai SEMCORP is a new energy company with the largest sales volume of lithium-ion battery separators in the world. It is one of the leading top 5 wet process separator companies and an industry leader in high-performance wet-process separators and high-end functional coating separators.

Shanghai SEMCORP company

Shanghai SEMCORP has now entered the supply chain system of most mainstream lithium battery manufacturers in the world. The company’s customers include: Panasonic, Samsung, LG Chem, three global leading lithium battery companies, and China’s top 10 lithium ion battery manufacturers such as CATL and BYD.


Established dateSeptember 17, 2003
Company location Guangdong, China
Total market value25.301 billion RMB
Company website

SENIOR has a comprehensive product layout, covering dry, wet and coated separators. Among them, SENIOR has been deeply involved in the field of dry-process separators for many years; it has accumulated a lot and grown rapidly in the field of wet-process separators.

SENIOR company

On February 21, 2023, the commissioning ceremony of the first phase project of SENIOR Nantong Base was successfully held. The Nantong project has a total investment of 11 billion RMB. It is planned to build an annual production capacity of 3 billion square meters of wet-process separators, 1.6 billion square meters of dry-process separators and supporting coated separators.

SENIOR lithium battery separator

According to the company’s strategic plan, while speeding up the construction of Nantong Base and Foshan Nanhai Base, SENIOR will build eight major separator manufacturing bases around the world at the same time as it will deploy in the EU, ASEAN and China. It is estimated that the annual production capacity of the company’s separator will reach 16 billion square meters in 2027, accounting for about 30% of the global market share.

SENIOR supplier

Sinoma Lithium Battery Separator

Established dateMarch 10, 2016
Company location Shandong, China
Registered capital4176.065017 million RMB
Company website

Sinoma Lithium Battery Separator specializes in R&D, production, sales and technical services of high-performance lithium battery separators. The main products are 5-20μm wet bidirectional synchronously stretched separators and various coated separators, which are used for power batteries, 3C consumer batteries, energy storage battery companies and other fields.

Sinoma Lithium Battery Separator product

The company has built four fully intelligent wet-process bidirectional synchronous stretching lithium battery separator production lines with a width of 4m and a speed of 50m/min. The whole process of production is intelligently controlled, and the quality of products in all processes can be detected and traced online in real time.

The performance of the lithium battery separator produced is excellent and stable, which ensures the high safety, high cycle life and excellent electrochemical battery performance.


Established dateAugust 21, 2012
Company location Guangdong, China
Registered capital95.824153 million RMB
Company website

ZIMT is a Chinese high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, production and sales of lithium-ion battery separators. ZIMT currently has an annual production capacity of 600 million square meters of dry-process uniaxially stretched diaphragms and 160 million square meters of coated separators.

ZIMT company

In 2021, after the second phase of the Wuhan production base is put into operation, the company’s annual production capacity of dry-process uniaxially stretched membranes will reach 1 billion square meters, and it will become one of the world’s largest manufacturers of dry-process unidirectionally stretched membranes.

The company specializes in dry-process separator products with a thickness of 10-20 μm, including ZC series and ZM series. Ceramic separators and PVDF coated separators have fully covered domestic energy storage, power, two-wheeled vehicles, electric tools and other application markets.


Established dateFebruary 5, 2010
Company location Hebei , China
Total market value4.92 billion RMB
Company website

GELLEC company

GELLEC produces lithium battery wet separators and coated separators, etc., with an existing production capacity of 650 million square meters per year. GELLEC can customize various wet-process diaphragms according to customer needs, including ultra-thin diaphragms, high-strength diaphragms, and high-porosity diaphragms.

GELLEC product

On July 5, 2022, the GELLEC separator with a thickness of 3 μm was officially mass-produced. The 3μm separator developed by GELLEC uses ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene raw materials, and the needle punch strength of the product can reach the conventional 5μm level. Under the premise of ensuring safety, it can better meet the needs of lithium batteries for high energy density.


Established dateNovember 6, 2012
Company location Shanghai , China
Total market value67.455 billion RMB
Company website

PTL has three major businesses including anode materials and graphitization, membrane materials and coating, and automation equipment. PTL is the world’s largest third-party separator coating company, and has entered the supply system of major global battery manufacturers such as CATL, ATL, BYD, LG, and Samsung SDI.

PTL company

In terms of base film business, PTL’s production capacity and shipments in 2021 will be 50 million square meters per year, and it is being put into large-scale production and construction.


PTL is the largest independent coated separator processor in China. In the first half of 2021, Putailai’s coated separator processing shipments were 798.39 million square meters. The company’s separator business strives to form a separator coating capacity of more than 4 billion square meters and 6 billion square meters in 2022 and 2025, respectively.


Established dateFebruary 16, 2006
Company location Guangdong, China
Registered capital120 million RMB
Company website


JINHUI HI-TECH’s business scope includes the production and sales of lithium-ion battery separators, plasma permeable microporous films, functional polymer diaphragms, insulating films, semi-permeable membranes for various purposes, and other environmentally friendly organic membranes. JINHUI HI-TECH is the first manufacturer in China to produce Li-ion battery separators using wet process.


The lithium-ion battery separator developed and produced by the company is famous in the global market for its advantages of stable quality and high cost performance.


Established dateNovember 10, 2017
Company location Jiangsu, China
Registered capital1.75 billion RMB
Company website


HORIZON is a manufacturer of high-end lithium battery separators in the world. The company’s annual output of lithium-ion battery separators is 1 billion square meters, which are used in new energy vehicle power batteries, 3C consumer batteries, energy storage batteries and other fields.


On July 28, 2022, the production line No. 1 of the first phase of Shanxi HORIZON was successfully completed. The HORIZON Shanxi project has a total investment of about 5 billion RMB to build 16 lithium-ion battery separator production lines, which will officially start in July 2021.



Established dateJanuary 28, 2011
Company location Henan, China
Registered capital69 million RMB
Company website


HUIQIANG NEW ENERGY’s main business is lithium-ion battery separator, three-layer co-extruded PP/PP/PP high-strength separator of the same material, three-layer co-extruded PP/PE/PP special-shaped material high-safety separator, etc.


HUIQIANG NEW ENERGY has three manufacturing bases in Zhumadian, Henan, Wuhan, Hubei, and Xiangyang, and will rank third in China’s dry-process diaphragm market share in 2021. HUIQIANG NEW ENERGY’s main customers include BYD, Great Power, etc.


HUIQIANG NEW ENERGY lithium battery smart separator project phase II expansion project, newly added land of 62 mu, launched 5 world-leading power lithium battery smart separator production lines.

HongTu Separator

Established dateMarch 18, 2005
Company location Jilin, China
Registered capital49.3769 million RMB
Company website

HongTu Separator company

HongTu Separator is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales of zinc-manganese battery separators and lithium battery separators. The company has two separator production bases in Liaoyuan and Huzhou and Hongtu Research Institute.

HongTu Separator product

The company’s products cover lithium battery PE separators of various thickness specifications, alumina coated separators, boehmite coated separators, PVDF coated separators, and various mixed-coated separators. The company has a number of patents, and its products are sold to many high-end lithium battery companies around the world.

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