25.2V10.4AH 25.2v hoverboard battery

25.2v 10.4ah power battery 25.2v hoverboard battery

This 10.4AH 25.2v hoverboard battery may be the 25.2v hoverboard battery you have been looking for. It has a high energy density, and its weight is three times lighter than the lead acid battery of the same specification, there is no memory effect, does not need to pay attention to regular maintenance, can easily discharge up to 80%, can provide you with long-term power support because the cycle life of this 25.2v hoverboard battery can reach 3000 times. Such lithium 10.4AH 25.2v hoverboard battery can bring you the best 25.2v hoverboard battery experience. If you choose a professional lithium ion battery supplier, they can also provide customized products for your 25.2v hoverboard battery. In addition to performing its powerful functions as 25.2v hoverboard battery, If you want to know more about this battery, it also applies to tractor, Vehicle, motor, bike, Electric Tool, Vape, smoke Detector, Electric Gate, Chair,solar system, mobility equipment,etc.


Item 25.2V 10.4Ah
Series 7
Parallel 4
Rated voltage 25.2V
Nominal capacity 10400mAh
Size 148*146*39
Internal Resistance ≤350mΩ
Weight 1400g
Rated Charge Current 2A
Max Charge Current Max 5A
Rated Discharge Current 5A
Max Discharge Current Max 25A
Current for Overcurrent Protection 70-110A
Limited charge voltage 29.4V
Discharge Cut-Off Voltage 21V
Cycle Life 0.2C charge 0.2C discharge conditions, 300 times ≥ 70% initial capacity
Charging/Discharge Temperature 0~+40℃/-10~+60℃
Storage Temperature -20℃~+35℃ better not longer than 6 months
Temperature Protection 75℃
Certification ●GB31241-2014(CQC)●UL2054 ●un38.3 ●KC ●MSDS ●RoHS ●Halogenfree ●CE ●UL60950 ●RCM ●PSE ●BIS ●REACH ●Parts certification ●Battery directive ●Other


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