TC3730 3.7V 30AH 18650 battery 3.7 v 3000mah

3.7V 30AH 18650 3.7 v lithium battery

Compared with traditional lead-acid batteries, this 3.7V 30AH 18650 3.7 v lithium battery is the most suitable choice for your device, smaller and lighter (1/3weight of lead acid), more user-friendly (zero maintenance), longer life (up to 3000 cycles), and more environmentally friendly (no harmful substances). And more cost-efficiency(lower average daily use cost). Even Stronger, the 3.7V 30AH 18650 3.7 v lithium battery can also provide you with the best 18650 3.7 v battery using experience through its excellent battery management system. Like Tycorun energy, the leading battery manufacturer, always use class A cells and provide customized products for this 18650 3.7 v lithium battery. And besides being the most popular 18650 battery 3.7 v lithium ion battery, you can imagine it powering drones, cars,carts,radio, map device, scooter,bus, alarm bell and so on.


Item 3.7V 30Ah
Series 1
Parallel 12
Rated voltage 3.7V
Nominal capacity 30000mAh
Size 115*67*38
Internal Resistance ≤100mΩ
Weight 660g
Rated Charge Current 6A
Max Charge Current Max 10A
Rated Discharge Current 6A
Max Discharge Current Max 10A
Current for Overcurrent Protection No
Limited charge voltage 4.2V
Discharge Cut-Off Voltage 2.75V
Cycle Life 0.2C charge 1C discharge conditions, 500 times ≥ 70% initial capacity
Charging/Discharge Temperature 0~+40℃/-10~+60℃
Storage Temperature -10℃~+35℃ better not longer than 6 -month
Temperature Protection no
Certification GB31241-2014(CQC),UL2054,un38.3,KC,MSDS,RoHS,Halogenfree,CE,UL60950,RCM,PSE,BIS,REACH,Parts certification, Battery directive, Other


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