200kwh battery commercial and industrial energy storage system

The entire 200kwh battery C&I energy storage system mainly contains battery system, remote monitoring system, thermal management system, fire extinguishing system, DC bus, and low-voltage power distribution, etc. With over 200kwh battery, the maximum rated power can reach 100kW; data transmission is realized through 485, CAN Ethernet communication to realize the control of the system. Control system temperature through liquid cooling technology to ensure system safety. With remote monitoring as the core control unit, it monitors the data of each part in the system, detects faults, and formulates system operation strategies so as to protect the system.



215kWh C & I energy storage system

Nominal energy

Rated power


Voltage and capacity

768V 280Ah


AC output voltage

DC voltage range



485,CAN Ethernet
Protection level


Firefighting system

Thermal management

Liquid cooling


System topology

AC couple


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