two NCM material

NCM material – NCM613 single crystal

● Applications:

It is ideally suited for use in mid to low-end and mid to high-end electric vehicles, 3C products, and energy storage applications.

Whether you are looking to power your electric vehicle or store energy for your home, ZEC’s NCM material is up to the task.

● Advantages:

With its high energy density, ZEC’s NCM material is able to store more energy in a smaller space, making it ideal for use in a wide range of applications.

Another important advantage of ZEC’s NCM material is its cost-effectiveness. This material is priced competitively, making it a great choice for customers looking for an affordable energy solution.

Overall, ZEC’s NCM material is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable, high-quality energy solution.

Physicochemical Parameter

Physical ZH6000AS1-1
Ni/Co/Mn (molar ratio) 60/10  /30


D10 (μm) 2.28
D50 (μm) 4.29
D90 (μm) 7.72
D99 (μm) 10.63
pH / 11.35
  BET m2/g 0.85
TD g/cm3 1.85
 Li+ (%) 0.0239

Electrical performance

Product Name ZH6000AS1-1
Disc cap.  (mAh/g) 4.3V 1/3C 187.57
4.3V 1.0C 182.79
Disc  Volt. 4.3V 1/3C 3.7253
4.3V 1.0C 3.6459
Disc cap.  (mAh/g) 4.35V 1/3C 193.59
4.35V 1.0C 188.53
Disc Volt. 4.35V 1/3C 3.7393
4.35V 1.0C 3.6592
Disc cap.  (mAh/g) 4.4V 1/3C 197.9
4.4V 1.0C 193.12
Disc Volt. 4.4V 1/3C 3.7502
4.4V 1.0C 3.6678


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