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Tips for selecting a best wall mount battery

Being completely dependent on the power grid is never a good idea for more than one reason. Of course, the power may be constant but it is not always reliable and could be quite expensive depending on how much electricity your house uses. Having a battery system for energy storage during peak hours is important and a storage system like a wall mount battery bing a lot of advantages.
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In this article, we’ll be looking at the importance of having a wall mount battery and how to get the best brand you can find.

What is the purpose of a wall mount battery

A wall mount battery is an essential battery system that is able to store solar energy to be used later in the absence of grid electricity. This battery system is essential in that it reduces total dependence on grid electricity and ensures there is backup power in the event of a power outage or blackout. A wall mount battery system can make use of solar energy to store electricity, detect power outages and provide electricity for the home for days depending on the capacity of the battery.

What type of battery is used in a wall mount battery

The Tesla powerwall is a popular battery system all over the world and is known to use lithium-ion battery types within its powerwall packages. This battery type is highly efficient with a cycle life reaching up to 5000 times and is manufactured and assembled by Tesla in the US.

The internal battery used in a powerwall would determine how well and how long the system would perform. A high-quality wall mount battery employs the use of high-grade lithium-ion batteries which offers the best performance in terms of capacity, energy density, safety, and power efficiency.

What type of battery is used in a wall mount battery

Which type of lithium wall mount battery is better

As we’ve established, lithium-ion is the most used batters type in a wall mount battery system. But there are different battery chemistries for lithium-ion, the best and most recommended of which is the lithium iron phosphate battery type, or LiFePo4 for short. The LiFePo4 battery type is highly efficient and offers several advantages over other lithium battery types.

Some of these advantages include having low resistance which enables better flow of electricity, low thermal runaway, high energy density, more stable, is highly safe, and significantly more efficient. The LiFePo4 battery has a low depth of discharge usually between 80-100% and with over 5000 charge cycles can last for up to 10 years under normal usage conditions. In terms of safety, ternary lithium battery cannot be used in medium and large energy storage projects, so lithium iron phosphate batteries are a safer choice.

Which wall mount battery is better – prismatic vs cylindrical

When dealing with a wall mount battery, there are basically 2 main shapes or configurations with which the battery cells are presented. This can either be prismatic or cylindrical both of which offer unique features over the other.

A prismatic battery offer cells which are presented in a rigid often rectangular casing or outer shell. This particular shape allows for better and more efficient stacking which is highly convenient in a wall mount battery setup. On the other hand, a cylindrical cell casing is more versatile when the overall shape and size of the battery system are involved. Cylindrical batteries are more prominent in terms of safety protection and heat dissipation.

The capacity of a single square battery is higher than that of a cylindrical battery. The regular square shape can save a certain amount of space. For more detailed comparison information of the two batteries, please click the picture below.

Which wall mount battery is better - prismatic vs cylindrical

How to choose the best wall mount battery

When choosing the best quality wall mount battery, one important thing to consider is the manufacturing components and practices used in making the battery system. Ensure that the wall mount battery you purchase is made by the best and most trusted manufacturer as this would determine the quality and durability of the battery system. Always consider the experience of the odm lithium ion battery pack manufacturer as well as the level of expertise employed in the manufacturing of the battery. Also, always choose the manufacturer that is able to customize the configuration of the battery to suit the purpose it is intended for. Industry leading companies can refer to top 10 powerwall manufacturers for home energy storage.

Can the TYCORUN ENERGY wall mount battery be customized

TYCORUN ENERGY is a trusted manufacturer of high-quality wall mount batteries with 15 years of practical industry experience and is able to deliver customized wall mount battery systems in bulk. Trusted by a wide range of customers all over the world, TYCORUN ENERGY is reliable in manufacturing and supplying best quality wall mount battery anywhere in the world.

TYCORUN ENERGY powerwall battery can provide customizable options such as a dedicated touch screen for operating and monitoring the wall mount battery systems as well as any logo or color configuration needed, also can deliver customized configuration of the battery wheels. There are even wall-mount integrated energy storage batteries, click on the picture to view more product information.

Can the TYCORUN ENERGY wall mount battery be customized

How to monitor TYCORUN ENERGY wall mount battery

All wall mount battery systems manufactured by TYCORUN ENERGY come fully equipped with a dedicated battery monitor which monitors and displays the state of charge of the battery system. This monitor display offers a wide range of features which include retrieving the battery voltage, battery temperature, power usage, as well as the estimated battery runtime depending on the power usage. The wall mount battery system by TYCORUN ENERGY also comes preinstalled with bluetooth and GPS which allows users to monitor the state of the battery remotely and out of range.

This monitor display is not just for the benefit of the user but also for the manufacturer as well. It enables easy retrieval of data regarding the health status of the battery to ensure accurate solutions and diagnostics are provided to the system.

Can 10 kWh wall mount battery power a home and how to calculate it

All wall mount battery systems have a designated power rating to which they can provide and it can easily be calculated to determine how long each fully charged system for last.

In the case of a 10kwh battery system, we can calculate it based on the power consumption of the home. If the home uses an average of 500 watts of power per hour, all we need to do is divide by 10kwh( 10,000W ÷ 500W = 20). In essence, a 10kwh wall mount battery system will supply a home rated at 500W for approximately 20 hours of uninterrupted supply.

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