Top 10 household energy storage companies in China

Top 10 household energy storage companies in China

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Household energy storage is an important link in the energy storage solutions industry chain and one of the future golden tracks. It is estimated that the installed capacity of global household energy storage is expected to reach 50GW/122.2GWh in 2025, and the global shipment of household energy storage is expected to reach 80GW/195.5GWh in 2025.

There are still many excellent household energy storage companies in China. This article compiles the list of the top 10 household energy storage companies in China, hoping to help you have a deeper understanding of the household energy storage track in the energy storage industry.

Top 10 household energy storage companies in China list



Established dateOctober 28, 2009
Company locationShanghai, China
Total market value40.164 billion RMB
Company website


PYLONTECH vertically integrates the industrial chain, and is one of the few energy storage companies in the world that has independent R&D and manufacturing capabilities for energy storage core components such as batteries, modules, and battery management systems.

PYLONTECH companyPYLONTECH company product

Up to now, PYLONTECH has safely delivered more than one million household energy storage systems, and its world-leading technical strength and quality have won the trust of customers around the world.


Established dateFebruary 10, 1995
Company location Guangdong, China
Total market value992.700 billion RMB
Company website

BYD company

BYD has been in the field of photovoltaics and energy storage since 2008 and it is one of the top 5 energy storage battery companies in China. BYD launched a household photovoltaic solution last year. The module conversion efficiency can reach 21.7%. The 20kW household photovoltaic system generates an average of 25,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity per year.

BYD company product

During the day, the electricity is stored in the battery for family use at night. Based on the supply-side guarantee brought by the expansion of battery capacity and the status of orders in hand, BYD’s household storage business is expected to double in 2023, bringing a significant increase in profits.


Established dateSeptember 15, 1987
Company location Guangdong, China
Registered capital40.44113182 billion RMB
Company website

HUAWEI company

Since last year, HUAWEI has vigorously launched the introduction and promotion of the overall solution of digital energy, so that customers can have a deeper understanding of HUAWEI’s comprehensive strength in digital energy.

HUAWEI company product

HUAWEI household energy storage batteries adopt a parallel modular design and integrate BMS in each battery pack. The integration of photovoltaic power generation and solar storage will surely become a strong growth point for renewable energy in the next few years.


Established dateJune 7, 2013
Company location Guangdong, China
Registered capital371.134021 million RMB
Company website

SOFAR company

SOFAR is a string inverter and energy storage company. SOFAR has launched a new all-in-one optical-storage machine SOFAR PowerAll for all-scenario optical storage solutions for home users.

SOFAR company  productSOFAR company  product

With the powerful advantages of intelligent management, fully modular design, and multiple security guarantees, it can meet phased expansion and efficient operation and maintenance.


Established dateNovember 5, 2010
Company locationJiangsu, China
Total market value35.659 billion RMB
Company website

GOODWE company

Household energy storage solutions include a complete set of “energy storage inverter + battery” solutions. GOODWE has a variety of energy storage inverters and battery products, which are suitable for new photovoltaic storage power stations, transformation of existing household grid-connected systems, or no (Weak) grid areas.

GOODWE company product

GOODWE household energy storage solution realizes a higher proportion of green electricity for self-use, reducing electricity expenses; it can also provide UPS power supply to ensure that key equipment does not have power outage; users can easily grasp the power station situation through GOODWE cloud monitoring.


Established dateAugust 17, 2017
Company location Jiangsu, China
Registered capital100 million RMB
Company website

Dyness company

Dyness focuses on the new energy track and deeply cultivates the overseas household energy storage market.

Dyness product

It is one of the earliest companies in China to deploy overseas energy storage markets and has successfully established a completely independent brand Dyness. It has become one of the top ten household energy storage products in the world.


Established dateSeptember 12, 2012
Company location Jiangsu, China
Registered capital89.99083 million RMB
Company website

AlphaESS company

Since its establishment, AlphaESS has focused on the R&D, production and sales of energy storage products. It is an industry-leading provider of full-power energy storage systems and is committed to providing comprehensive new energy smart solutions for households, industrial and commercial customers, it is one of the powerwall manufacturers in the world for household energy storage.

AlphaESS company product

If the listing is completed this time, it will become the second A-share listed company after PYLONTECH dedicated to household energy storage systems and components.


Established dateSeptember 23, 2019
Company location Zhejiang, China
Registered capital64.089892 million RMB
Company website

Fox company

It took Fox less than three years to achieve the leap from 100 employees to more than 1,000 employees. It also has Wuxi production and research base, Shanghai R&D center and Wuhan R&D center.

Fox company product

It is reported that Fox has built 26 intelligent and digital production lines, forming an annual production capacity of 1 million sets of grid-connected inverters, energy storage inverters, and 600,000 sets of energy storage batteries. The product scale and production capacity rank among the forefront of the household energy storage industry.


Established dateMarch 2, 2012
Company location Zhejiang, China
Registered capital120 million RMB
Company website

SolaX company

SolaX is committed to the technology research and development of intelligent household energy storage systems. As early as 2012, it built an independent research and development center and recruited outstanding technical talents to form a core research and development technical team.

SolaX company product

Continue to carry out photovoltaic technology innovation and new product development at the three technical levels of energy storage inverters, batteries and smart household energy storage systems.


Established dateMarch 3, 2011
Company location Guangdong, China
Registered capital51.949 million RMB
Company website

GROWATT company

GROWATT is positioned as the world’s leading supplier of distributed energy solutions, providing photovoltaic grid-connected energy storage, photovoltaic off-grid energy storage and photovoltaic preparatory energy storage solutions for the global market.

GROWATT company productGROWATT company product

At present, GROWATT has 44 localized marketing service outlets around the world, and has successfully sold optical storage product solutions to more than 180 countries and regions.


In recent years, the installed capacity of global household energy storage, mainly in Europe and the United States, has skyrocketed, making the household energy storage track a focus of attention.

Besides these top 10 household energy storage companies in China, there are a lot of other professional household energy storage companies. The choice of company depends on the needed applications. Every household energy storage company has its strengths, weaknesses, and richer experience in some areas than others.

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