Discover home storage product trends from Tesla Powerwall 3.0

Discover home storage product trends from Tesla Powerwall 3.0

As a leading company in the energy storage industry, Tesla’s every strategic layout and product release has received great attention from the market. This article will explore the latest household storage product trends by understanding Tesla Powerwall 3.0.
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Tesla Powerwall3.0

Recently, Tesla, one of the top 10 powerwall manufacturers in the world, has made new developments in the latest generation of household storage products, suggesting the main selling points of Powerwall 3.0: First, the AC power is improved, and second, it is easier to install.

In terms of AC power, Powerwall3.0 has been upgraded to 11.5 kW, which is 20% higher than the previous product. The increase in AC power can better support the operation of high-power electrical appliances.

In terms of installation, Powerwall 3.0 still supports ground or wall installation, but in terms of size, its thickness is 2.5 inches (about 6.35 cm) thicker than the previous generation product.

Therefore, some people point out that Tesla sacrificed the thickness of Powerwall 3.0 to upgrade other performance of the product, such as safety, AC power, etc.

It is worth noting that the capacity of Powrwall 3.0 has not changed this time, it is still 13.5kWh. Superimposed on the latest IRA bill in the United States, for energy storage systems above 5kWh, an investment tax deduction of up to 30% will be provided by 2026.

The comprehensive return on investment is about 4-5 years, but the actual situation still depends on the official official selling price. TEsla 3

In the field of household storage, Tesla has changed the previous “industrial cabinet” image of household storage through the “flat and thin” design language of its Powerwall series products, making it closer to life and more suitable for indoor use scenarios.

Every “evolution” of household storage products is an exploration of the integration between manufacturers and the market. Based on the development conditions of different regions, household storage products must ultimately benefit users and meet the electricity needs of different families.

Choice between all-in-one machine and split machine

At the same time, Tesla is also the leader in household storage “all-in-one machines”. Since its release of Powerwall 2.0 in 2016, it has chosen to integrate an inverter.

The advantage of the all-in-one machine is that it has a high degree of intensification, the product is plug-and-play, and is friendly to end users. However, on the other hand, the all-in-one machine has low compatibility and is inconvenient to expand its capacity.Choice between all-in-one machine and split machine

The terminal products of the household storage split machine are a separate energy storage battery system and an inverter. Since the inverter and battery system are installed separately, the problem of product expansion can be solved well and the flexibility is better.

In terms of household storage integrated machines, there are strong battery manufacturers such as BYD among the top 5 energy storage battery companies participating in the competition, and there are also new manufacturers such as BYD Energy pod, Huawei Digital Energy LUNA series, etc.

High voltage vs low voltage

In addition to the choice of split machines and all-in-one machines, high-voltage household storage is also one of the current important trends.

High-voltage household storage mainly starts from battery cells, PCS, etc. Generally, multiple battery cells are connected in series to achieve high-voltage at the battery pack level.

The inverter must also be compatible with the energy storage battery, and the high voltage battery must be used in conjunction with the high-voltage inverter to ensure the safe and effective operation of the overall system.

The main advantage of high-voltage household storage is that using batteries of the same capacity, the high-voltage system current is smaller, causing less interference to the system and higher conversion efficiency.High voltage vs low voltage

Combined with the design at the system and inverter levels, the circuit topology of the high-voltage hybrid inverter is more simplified, small in size and light in weight, and the failure rate is reduced.

In terms of market, high-voltage household storage products are mainly targeted at high-end markets such as Europe, America, Japan, and Australia.

On the other hand, low-pressure household savings still have the advantage of competing with high-pressure household savings in the short term.

In terms of price, low-voltage household savings products can quickly enter more price-sensitive markets such as Southeast Asia by virtue of their price advantages. They can also explore sinking markets such as non-first-tier cities and rural areas in developed countries.

Household savings products are mainly targeted at the C-end. Influenced by overseas markets, they focus more on integration with family scenarios, further extending to users’ pursuit of quality of life.

The “home applianceization” of household savings has advanced to the pursuit of appearance design, size selection, intelligence and other aspects.

Take the household storage star product Powerwall as an example. Its first-generation product changed its monotonous color scheme and won the favor of the middle class with its bright red appearance design.

Since then, as the penetration rate of household storage products has continued to increase in major markets such as Europe and the United States.

Their “family status” and “frequency of use” have also continued to increase, and they have been gradually classified as household appliances.Trends in household energy storage intelligence

Under the trend of “home appliances” and “thinness” of household storage products, household storage manufacturers have launched corresponding products at different levels such as batteries, systems, and terminal products.

In addition, in order to save floor space, wall-mounted and wall-mounted designs have also become the main selling points of household storage products, which is a market-oriented product evolution.

In terms of intelligence, Tesla Powerwall can be operated through the APP and has three modes: Self-powered, Backup, and Time-based, which can meet scenarios such as home power backup and emergency power use during power outages.

Not only that, the software can also help families charge in valley sections and save electricity bills by monitoring local time-of-use electricity price periods.

Simplified installation of household energy storage

Household savings products often need to go through several rounds of circulation before they can finally reach the hands of users, and the profits obtained in each link are also different. The installer’s gross profit margin in this chain exceeds 30%, and its main cost is labor cost.

Since the beginning of this year, due to the outbreak of large-scale worker strikes in some European countries, the installation progress of local household savings projects has been seriously delayed.Simplified installation of household energy storage

It can be seen that the ease of installation of household storage products and the level of installation costs have affected the development of the household storage market to a certain extent.

In this regard, household storage manufacturers are also developing products that are more convenient to install and take up less space. At the same time, they are also opening up the market for balcony household storage and micro storage.

In the future, whether household storage will be explored to advance to micro energy storage, or portable energy storage will be explored to occupy the balcony scenario.

Both parties can enter the markets of different countries by virtue of their respective strengths and technical conditions. Only products that truly meet consumer needs can ultimately gain favor.

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