TC25210 25.2 V10AH electric skateboard lithium ion battery

25.2v 10ah electric skateboard lithium ion battery

With up to 3000 cycles, this 25.2v 10ah electric skateboard lithium ion battery can meet all your needs for electric skateboard lithium ion battery. It can provide you with strong power, 80% deep discharge, can be charged at any time regardless of memory effect, no maintenance and with good quality, it is a very convenient electric skateboard lithium ion battery with high performance, but also very friendly to the environment. At the same time, you can also consult with experienced lithium ion battery manufacturers like us TYCORUN to provide customized services and wholesale 25.2v 10ah electric skateboard lithium ion battery products. Of course, it is not only your favorite electric skateboard lithium ion battery, but also the best choice of two-wheel Vehicle, electric bike, home alarm system,wheel chair,golf carts and so on. For more information about application scenarios, consult a professional battery supplier.


Item 25.2V 10Ah
Series 7
Parallel 4
Rated voltage 25.2V
Nominal capacity 10000mAh
Size 150*93*73
Internal Resistance ≤350mΩ
Weight 1500g
Rated Charge Current 2A
Max Charge Current Max 10A
Rated Discharge Current 2A
Max Discharge Current Max 20A
Current for Overcurrent Protection 100-120A
Limited charge voltage 29.4V
Discharge Cut-Off Voltage 17.5V
Cycle Life 0.2C charge 0.2C discharge conditions, 300 times ≥ 70% initial capacity
Charging/Discharge Temperature 0~+40℃/-20~+60℃
Storage Temperature -20℃~+35℃ better not longer than 6 months
Temperature Protection 75℃
Certification ●GB31241-2014(CQC)●UL2054 ●un38.3 ●KC ●MSDS ●RoHS ●Halogenfree ●CE ●UL60950 ●RCM ●PSE ●BIS ●REACH ●Parts certification ●Battery directive ●Other



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