charging station cabinet battery swap system

Charging station cabinet battery swap system

A special lithium battery protection module designed for lithium battery rental and replacement. In addition to the basic protection functions of lithium battery protection module, it also has a pre-discharge function, 485 communication (optional), GPS remote data transmission, GPS Power supply control and other functions. Solve the outstanding problems of midway power failure and hiccups caused by the interference of the communication module of the BMS.


Tycorun energy charging station cabinet battery swap system

The battery pack uses Samsung-29E (power type) (a single cell is 3.6V-2.9Ah) batteries, which are connected in 16S12P and combined into a 60V/34Ah standard module. The battery module contains a 2G module and a positioning system, which can detect the internal voltage, current, temperature, and SOC of the battery. The battery can be controlled remotely and turned off according to the actual situation. The batteries are suitable for individual rental or sale, and can be charged on a basis of days, months or number of times. The battery replacement can be achieved inside the replacement cabinet with common simple operations.  When a battery is inserted into the empty receptacle of battery replacement charging cabinet, it can be internally identified and a fully charged battery will be popped out to use.

charging station cabinet battery swap system

  1. Model Code

Model: A2 EV6034N-01

A2—— Item Code Number

EV—— Product Range: Power Battery

60 —— Rated Voltage 60V

34 —— Rated Capacity 34Ah

N —— Battery Type: Lithium Ion Battery

01 —— Same Types of Batteries Number: 01

  1. Customer Request

1)Meet the requirements for the use of electric vehicle battery packs.

2)Adoption of Samsung-29E(Power Cell) connected in 16S12P and combined into 60V 34Ah.

3)Charge and discharge management adopts BMS management mode, with strict safety protection, SOC power calculation method, equalization, battery fault diagnosis, data sampling, charging control, remote control, RS485 communication and other functions

4)  Overall Design reaches to acceleration shock >6g

5) The temperature and voltage sampling of battery module are directly collected by BMS.

  1. A2EV6034N-01 Basic Characteristics of Battery Pack

Unless otherwise specified, the following parameters are measured at room temperature.

Battery Pack

Attached Table 1: Module Battery Specification Parameter Table

Item Specifications 
Battery Pack Model A2-EV6034N
Cell Model Samsung-29E(3.6V 2.9Ah)
Series and Parallel Connection 16S12P
Typical Capacity 34.8Ah (Standard Test Condition)
Minimum Capacity 34Ah (Standard Test Condition)
Energy Capapcity About 2Kwh
Nominal Voltage 60V
Delivery Voltage >59.2V
AC Impedance <180mΩ
Charge Cut-Off Voltage 67.2V
Discharge Cut-Off Voltage 44V
Standard Charging Mode Charge with a constant current of 0.5C (17A) to a constant voltage of 67.2V and cut-off current of 0.01C (0.34A) at an ambient temperature of 25°C
Max. Charge Current ≤15A
Standard Discharge Mode Discharge with a constant current of 1C (34A)to discharge protection, at an ambient temperature of 25℃
Max. Continuous Discharge Current ≤90A
Product Size 160*205*365mm
Weight About 13KG
Cycle Life ≥500次(Standard charge and discharge mode), capacity≥80%
Case Material Aluminum:3mm
Coupler Plug Anti-Reverse Plug
Communication Mode RS485 2G Module
Operating Temperature Range Charge:0℃–+45℃(0.2C charge)

Discharge:-10~60℃(0.5C discharge)

Storage Temperature -10℃~+45℃

5 A2-EV6034N-01 Battery Pack Design

Battery Pack: Samsung-29E (Power Battery)(Single Cell 3.6V-2.9Ah)battery cell connected in 16S 12P and combined into 60V 34Ah finished battery pack.

Appearance Requirement:A2-EV6034N-01 ,With anti-reverse plug function, protection grade IP65, with digital display of voltage and electricity. The appearance should have no obvious dents, cracks, corrosion and other defects, and the wiring should be intact.

Battery Pack Design

8S12P Connection Diagram

Double Layer Battery Modules in Series

Double Layer Battery Modules in Series
Exploded View of Battery Pack

Exploded View of Battery Pack

Battery Pack Design Sketch

Battery Pack Design Sketch

Battery Replacement Charging Cabinet

  • Ground Fixed

1.1  Dimensions

The size of main cabinet is W790mm*D690*H1840mm, and the weight is about 230KG. There are ground fixing holes and supporting fixing angle steel sheets on both sides of the lower part, as shown in below picture:

charging station cabinet



Thickened 16mm standard perforated fixed plate

1.2  Power consumption and electrical description

Each cabinet has 9 receptacles and are equipped with 9 pcs of 500W chargers, the maximum power consumption is 45100W, and the standby power consumption is <=100W. DV12 working power supply for industrial control part, DC24V working power supply for lock control part, 220V working power supply for charger, supporting 48V and 60V lithium battery charging.

The system is equipped with industrial computer, 21-inch touch display equipment, leakage switch, lock control equipment, automatic heat dissipation system, automatic fire extinguisher, battery compartment locking device, communication module, power supply equipment and terminal wiring. Support 4G module to expand networking functions.


  • Electrical Connection

2.1  Three-Phase Connection

Due to the large power at full load, this machine adopts a three-phase power connection design to ensure stable operation of the swap station. The wire end is left in the power connection, the connection method is as shown in below picture (please pay attention to the label instructions on the wire end):


2.2  Preparation for Plug-In

Connect the external 4-core three-phase plug as required, and check it without error, arrange the strong current wiring on site and prevent daily damage.


  • Startup Configuration

3.1  Open the industrial control compartment and ensure that the leakage switch is in the ON position. Three, one of which is industrial control, and two are powered by chargers. The cabinet itself is metal grounded and has the function of lightning protection.


3.2  Starting up with power on.

3.3  Set the “Bouncing Threshold” so that it will pop up automatically when switching the battery

3.3.1  Click the icon hidden button several times until you exit to the system desktop as below picture indicated.


3.3.2  Open the zllocker installation directory, find the set.xml file, and open it with Wordpad as below picture indicated.


The factory default settings of the system is 8, which means that after 8 batteries are fully inserted, the system will automatically eject other fully charged batteries.

3.4  Set the GPS location available on the platform so that the platform map can display the battery replacement cabinet.

3.4.1  At the location of the cabinet, use your mobile phone to download the GPS information APP and opens it to obtain GPS information as below picture indicated.

GPS information

3.4.2  Report the longitude and latitude of the red icon to the platform, which can be found on the map of the battery APP after the platform has filled in and reviewed it.

  • Change Dynamic ADImage

4.1  Picture requirements: This system is configured with a 1920*1080 resolution display device, so please set the advertisement picture to a high-definition picture of this size, and the format is jpg. Under the premise of ensuring the image quality, please try to reduce the image size.

4.2  Touch screen operation for image location and replacement: Insert the U disk for advertising images, open the installation directory of the zllocker software, find the adimages directory in the same directory as set.xml above, and open it. As shown in below picture.



4.3  Delete the unnecessary pictures and paste the jpg file from the U disk into the “adimages” directory.

4.4  Double-click the zllocker icon on the desktop to start the software after done.

  • Insert Battery

5.1  Recognition time and description: After the battery is inserted, the insertion action is recognized within 2 seconds, and the system will automatically start the battery recognition.

5.2  Charging: After identifying the battery ID and status, drive the charger to charge. The entire process from insertion to recognition does not exceed 5 seconds. After identification, if the number of batteries reaches the numbers set above, the system will select the battery with the longest full charge time and automatically eject it to achieve the battery replacement function. If the newly inserted battery cannot be recognized, the system will pop up the battery and refuse to charge.

5.3  Power failure: After the system is successfully restarted after a power failure, there is an initialization process (<=10 seconds) to reserve the identified battery to continue charging or to be replaced.



Battery Swap System Platform

Use Process Flow

Battery Swap System Platform



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