73v 30ah semi-solid batteries for electric motorcycle

60v 30ah motorcycle batteries for sale

Tycorun Energy selection of motorcycle batteries for sale is designed to exceed your expectations.This 60v 30ah motorcycle battery is one of our excellent range of motorcycle batteries for sale.

With a rate capacity of 30Ah and a rate output power of 1500Wh, this battery is sure to deliver impressive performance and long-lasting power.At only 13kg, it is lightweight and portable, with a range of 70km that is suitable for long-distance travel.

Invest in one of our top-of-the-line motorcycle batteries for sale and enjoy worry-free rides for years to come.

Specifications of 60v 30ah motorcycle batteries for sale

Items Parameters
Battery model 60v 34ah
Size 160*205*365mm
Cell material NCM 18650
Rate voltage 60V
Rate output power 1500wh
Rate capacity 34ah
Charging end of voltage 67.2v
Output end of voltage 44v
Operating Environment -10°~60°
Humidity Environment 35%~90%
Communication Rs485
Connector DYL 20
Weight 13kg
Range 70km


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